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7.2W 8 function


The eight function of this product conforms to the GS standard switching power supply, BS gage switching power supply and SAA Australian switch power authentication standard. It has a built-in light string scintillation controller, and overload protection, overvoltage protection, constant voltage function, constant current function, eight kinds of scintillation functions (also customizable or modified according to customer requirements), timing work Yes, such as 6 hours, 18 hours, and timing mode can be customized or modified according to customer requirements. The memory function can realize the function of automatically entering the last setting after power failure. The product is divided into two types: indoor IP20 and outdoor waterproof IP44 according to the use environment. This product is mainly used in the field of LED lighting and LED decoration. Such as power supply for Christmas lighting, decorative lamp power supply and so on.




External dimension 


Input voltage


Input frequency


Output voltage


Output current


Output power

XW Max

AC pin type


Application field

LED Lighting

Safety certification

IEC61347-1, IEC61347-2-13 (BS,SAA,GS,KEMA CE)

Safety and electromagnetic interference standards


Protective index

(IP20-IP44)Indoor/Outdoor Use

Burn-in aging

100%Full Load Burn in

Working temperature


8 functions

Combination:Continuous changes in various functions
In Waves:Wave type invitation to move back and automatically change
Sequential:Automatic change of horse racing
SLO-GLO:Automatic change of single light gradually fading
Chasing/Flash:Horse racing forward and backward, stars flashing automatically
Slow Fade:Two lights are gradually changing and gradually changing
Twinkle/Flash:Auto change of star scintillation and horse racing
Steady On:LED lights are always bright


Special recommendation:

1. Mulinsen power supply takes into consideration the automation of production and convenient use in the design. It adopts plug cap design, which is not only convenient to use, but the cap and the box is more linear and integrated.  The design helps to avoid the end cap colliding during transportation. 

2. The waterproof design of Mulinsen is much higher than that of any power supply in the market. It adopts three layer waterproof glue.

3. The pins and end cap of Mulinsen power supply are made with fully automated production process, and the tightness between the two is higher.

4. The IC built-in triode has higher integration level. High-frequency transformer EE16E has good heat dissipation and higher performance. The plug is made with fully automated production process, which has better reliability.

5. 100% Mulinsen products have passed level VI energy consumption.


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